Fill Up with Phillip: Volume 3

HORSE SHIT! That’s all I’ve got to say about this year’s NCAA Bowl Games. Out of the thirteen Bowl Games so far, I have predicted FIVE right. ONLY FIVE. I’ve done a bad job this year. I’m really upset. However, there is one game left, and it just ended.

College Football
I planned to have my column published Sunday morning so I could make a prediction on the BCS Championship Game. LSU and Oklahoma squared off in LSU’s backyard of New Orleans. I was discouraged from the very beginning when LSU jumped out to a quick 7-0 lead. Oklahoma bounced right back and scored to tie the game. Things still did not look like they were clicking for the Sooners. LSU got two more touchdowns in before Oklahoma crossed the goal line again. Louisiana State University is your 2004 BCS National Champions. Congratulations to them as they totally shut down Heisman Winner Jason White and the Sooner offense. The final score was 21-14.

I did pick Oklahoma to win this game. I did terrible. I ended up with a 5-9 record in predicting Bowl Games this year. This has truly been a travesty.

Now, this of course leaves a big question. Who should be the National Champion? LSU and Southern Cal will split the Title. This should not be acceptable. I personally believe that their should be a game next weekend to decide the true National Champion between Southern Cal and LSU. This probably won’t happen, and we’ll have split National Championship.

Congratulations to Steve McNair and Peyton Manning on sharing the NFL’s MVP Award this year. Both quarterbacks have led their team to the playoffs and I expect either the Titans or the Colts to make it to the Superbowl. Once again, congratulations.

Wild Card Weekend was upon us as the Dallas Cowboys faced the Carolina Panthers, the Green Bay Packers faced the Seattle Seahawks, the Tennessee Titans faced the Baltimore Ravens, and the Indianapolis Colts faced the Denver Broncos.

I was not able to watch the Titans vs. Baltimore game, but I saw that it came down to a 40+ yard field goal that the Titans made. Congratulations to them.

Dallas at Carolina was… disappointing to say the least. I am one of the biggest Cowboy fans in the world and I live in North Carolina! Dallas was revealed that they weren’t the great team that they were made out to be. The NFC East was week this year, and the Panthers just stuck it to them. Congrats to the Panthers.

Green Bay vs. Seattle was an awesome game. They went into overtime at cold Lambeau Field. Al Harris takes an interception thrown by Matt Hasselbeck back 52 yards for the game winning touchdown.

The Indianapolis Colts faced the Denver Broncos in Indy. Two weeks ago, Denver beat the Colts by two touchdowns. This game was a lot different. Peyton Manning and the Colts offense came out firing on all cylinders and punished the Broncos 41-10. This was Peyton’s first career playoff victory. It’s the first big win in his career since winning the National Championship his senior year of college at Tennessee.

Next weeks games are: Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Cheifs, Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers at St. Louis Rams, and the Green Bay Packers head to Philly to take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Embarrasment of the Week
Anyone see what the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin did the other day? He was holding his one-month-old child in his left arm and feeding a huge crocodile with the other. Many people had complaints about it, but I really didn’t have a problem with it. I’m sure if anyone knew what they were doing out there, it was Irwin, but the public had a hissy fit.

I’ve got two movie reviews for you today. Hulk and S.W.A.T. were two movies that I’ve seen over the past few days. Now lets get to them…

Movie Review: Hulk
-I’ve only heard bad things about this movie. I decided I wouldn’t listen to those other people, and I wanted to go into this movie clearheaded. This movie drags on and on and on and on. Some of the scenes were very well done. Others looked like pure crap. One for example, when they are in the desert and the Hulk is running from the helicopters. He jumps and tumbles down a sand dune. It seriously looks like someone took a Hulk action figure and threw him down into the sand. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Other than that I really didn’t have any complaints about the movie. It was o-k. It’s not one that I would pay money to buy.

My Thoughts
-This movie was fair. It is definitely not the best comic-turned-movie I’ve seen. I’ve actually been thinking hard about what to give this movie. Out of 10 thumbs up, I give it 5 thumbs up.

Movie Review: S.W.A.T.
-I will tell you right now, I absolutely loved this movie. It is definitely the best cop movie since Training Day. Colin Ferrel plays his role well in this movie, as does Samuel L. Jackson, L L Cool J, and Michelle Rodriguez. Of course, if it’s a cop movie, you gotta have the dirty cop twist. The Drug Kingpin offers $100 million dollars to anyone who can break him out of prison. While trying to extricate the prisoner, they go through a little bit of trouble. Many gangs and just regular badasses are trying to break this guy out. Using what they learned in training, the S.W.A.T. team tries their best to thwart these rescue attempts.

My Thoughts
-This movie is great. The characters in this movie were played excellently. Out of 10 thumbs up, I give it 10 thumbs up!

Now, I hope everyone had a safe holiday. Unfortunately I have to suffer the agony of school once again starting Tuesday. I loved my break. See ya next week.

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Ah, the Steve Irwin incident. I didn’t see anything wrong with what he did. As you said, he is a professional and he knows what he’s doing. People just need to mind their business. Too much time on their hands.

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