Fill up with Phillip: Volume 2

You’ve probably noticed that the name of my column has changed. Well, you have to thank Hawaiian Bryan for this fantastic name. I think it’s great. Thanks again Bryan.

This week, the main topic is a review of the book The Stone Cold Truth. This is an autobiography on the WWE’s own, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Embarrassment of the Week
I was watching Around the Horn on Monday when they showed a clip of Nicole Richie at a Los Angeles Lakers game over the weekend. The courtside reporter started talking to her about her new television show and the conversation was going fine. He then asked her who her favorite Laker was, and she responded with this, “Kobe Bryant is my favorite because I want him to have sex with me.” Now, this girl is very good-looking, but apparently, she has no brains. Kobe is currently accused of rape and does not need things like this said. Lionel probably had a conniption when he saw this. She was totally out of line and should be smacked after such a stupid comment.

A Record Breaking Streak Ends
Saturday in the Continental Tire Bowl, one of Pittsburgh University’s greatest players college career may have come to an end. The Panthers lost to the Virginia Cavaliers 23 to16 and Fitzgerald did not catch a touchdown pass. This is the first time in 19 games that Fitzgerald did not catch a touchdown pass. He now holds the record for the most consecutive games with a touchdown pass. Fitzgerald is only a sophomore, but by spending a year at a naval academy, he may be able to enter the draft early. Good luck to him, as I feel he will be a big star.

A True Packer Icon
Many of you heard about the passing of Bret Farve’s father a week ago. Bret’s father had a heart attack while driving a car and crashed. Bret was very close to his father, and he couldn’t decide whether he should play in the Packers Monday night game against the Raiders. He decided that his father would’ve wanted him to play in that game, so Bret did. I watched that game with anticipation of what Bret would do. There were speculations that Bret would play bad, because he had a heavy heart. Bret kept his feelings in check, though. That game against the Raiders was the best game of his career. Farve threw for 399 yards and 4 touchdowns. He had a career high 311 yards in the first half alone. The Packers raped the Oakland Raiders and won 41-7.

Then on Sunday, the Packers laid a beating on the Broncos 31-3. Bret didn’t have a stellar game by any means, 116 yards passing and 1 touchdown, but the Packers won and are going to the playoffs. This man, is definitely one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. If I were wearing a hat, I’d tip it to Bret Farve right now.

Lord of the Rings Phenomenon
Many of you have gone to see the final move in the Lord of the Ring’s trilogy, ‘The Return of the King.’ I went to see it, and it definitely is the best movie I have ever seen. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie has grossed more than 500 million dollars world-wise. Now that is a lot of fuckin’ cash. Word is that the director Peter Jackson wants to make ‘The Hobbit’ in to a movie. Should be a good one if he gets it.

Book Review: The Stone Cold Truth
The book is 312 pages long and is a very good read to any wrestling fan. In this book, Steve Williams goes through his life as a young man growing up in Edna, Texas, to being the Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin in the WWE.

Steve talks about the death of Brian Pillman in the book. As you know they were the tag team in WCW called the Hollywood Blondes. They became really good friends, and eventually ended up in the WWE together. Brian died of a heart attack, but Steve says that he knows the drugs that Brian was on put a lot of strain on his heart. He mentions that he will never sit around anymore and watch someone destroy their life they way Pillman did. The gold chain you always see him wearing is the one Brian gave him when they were the Hollywood Blondes.

He also mentions a few wrestlers that he didn’t like. Lex Luger is one of them. He believes Luger has no in-ring talent. Steve also says how the Road Warriors never sold any moves.

Steve tells us how he was brought into the WWE to never make it past the Intercontinental Title level. Steve went through his second divorce during this time and needed to buy a house for himself. He didn’t have the money at the time and asked Vince McMahon for a loan. Vince loaned Steve $30,000 dollars to buy a house so he could have someplace to live. A few years later, Steve tried to pay Vince back, and Vince told Steve that he could keep the money. Vince does have a heart. *Too bad he doesn’t have a brain and take the belt off of HHH.*

Many people were critical of Stone Cold’s match verses The Rock at Wrestlemania XIX. I for one have not seen the match. However, in this book, you find out that the day before this great event, Steve was taken to the hospital for being very dehydrated. He was given through an IV 5 bags of fluid. Most people usually get 2-3. He had been drinking a lot of coffee and ephedrine laced drinks, which led to this. Steve tells us that he has sustained clonuses reflex in both of his legs. This is an involuntary shaking of nerves. His back and neck were worsening all the time, and it was about time Stone Cold called it quits. He felt like he had a duty to do, and that was to put The Rock over cleanly. At Wrestlemania XIX, The Rock beat Stone Cold Steve Austin in what was Steve William’s last match. He won’t guarantee that you won’t see him in the ring again, but he says there is a very slim chance.

My Thoughts
I thought this book was very good. I’ve now read Stone Cold’s, The Rock’s, and Mankind’s autobiographies. This one is probably second best behind Foley’s. With this book, you see behind the rough badass exterior of Steve Austin, and see the person of Steve Williams. Out of 10 thumbs up, I give it 9 thumbs up.

That’s it for this week’s column. Check it out next week, when I preview the BCS National Championship game.

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Nice column. Thanks for the review on the Austin book. I’ve been meaning to buy it, but I bought the Lita book when it came out and have yet to finish it. I’ll get it eventually, when I’m finished with Lita’s. Which, by the way, is also a good read.

I think Lawler’s book is the only one I’ve yet to buy and read. I bought Hogan’s book, but after the first couple of chapters, I was dying of boredom. I was surprised really, because I figured with Hogan’s history in the business, it should’ve been more interesting. He skips around too much in the book though. One sentence he’s talking about being a fat kid, and the next a huge pay per view.

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