Buried Treasure – Review – The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank

The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank Fast Facts Series: The Punisher Title: Welcome Back, Frank Format: Trade paperback, encompassing The Punisher: Volume 3, Issues 1-12. Publisher: Marvel Comics Writer: Garth Ennis Pencils: Steve Dillon Inks: Jimmy Palmiotti “New York City says… Welcome back, Frank”. And so do I. The Punisher returns to the Marvel line-up, this […]

Review: System of a Down – "Steal This Album!"

On November 26th, 2002, California-based metal outfit System of a Down released their third album, “Steal This Album!”. Their newest release combines the sounds of their previous albums, “System Of A Down” and “Toxicity”, as well as adding a bit of new flavour. Many of the songs on “Steal This Album!” were originally recorded for […]

Review: Dope – "Felons and Revolutionaries"

Dope, a five piece metal group, released this, their first album, in 1999. Metal fans are going to be pleased, I’m sure. Edsel Dope screams his lungs out and sounds great doing it, the guitars are wicked, and the bass on some of the songs is fantastic. Crank “Debonaire” or “Sick” with the bass up […]