Soundtrack to Life – Graduation

Okay, so the past two columns have not been exactly what the idea of this column is all about. As such, I’ve received no other stories from any of you. No matter. Things may change over time. But anyways, this story will be a break from the other two, and give you a better idea […]

Interview: Depswa

Well everyone, a little bit after 3 PM on March 14th, I had the privilege of interviewing Depswa, a new band signed to Geffen Records. I recently saw them on tour with Trust Company and The Chevelle (Pacifier was unable to attend) and they did a great job. Finally, here is the interview with Depswa. […]

Soundtrack to Life – Making Your Own Decisions

Okay, so last week’s column wasn’t exactly a good example of what I have in mind for this column. I’ll warn you now that this one isn’t either, and perhaps not the one after that even. I’m trying to start at the very roots of my facination with music and work my way into the […]

Soundtrack to Life – A New Interactive Column

If ya frequent the board, you know who I am. I go by many names, but only one iB ID for this board. Loki. 21 years old, still livin’ at home in the grand state of Wisconsin. It’s a boring life in a boring town with that same old crowd. Recognize that line? I’m sure […]

The Bear Truth 2

Welcome everybody and it feels great to bring all of you another edition of the best column on the East Coast, The Bear Truth! There has been a lot of happenings in the world of entertainment as of late and I know you all are “oh so” interested on my thoughts concerning the various areas […]