For Whom the Bell Tolls

Hello boys and girls of BP! I’m sure all of my adoring fans have missed the presence of my column dearly… right?!? In any case, after a few weeks off to settle personal issues I am back. The above title (cheesy as it may be) is the title of my column. Every other week I plan on doing a review and the other weeks (as this is a weekly column) I will do an article in the vein of what I have been doing for the past couple of months. So enjoy the following review!

Literature Review: Running with Scissors, Augusten Burroughs

Running with Scissors is a jagged memoir of a boys search to find himself through the insanity of his family, friends and somewhat botched adolescence. An amazing read for both the dysfunctional raised and the well bred, Running with Scissors chronicles the life of a young boy trying to come to grips with the absurdity of his life. Raised for the first half of his life by his mother, a self-important poet, and his emotionally bereft father, Burroughs’ is sent to live with the family psychiatrist after his mother’s breakdown. The book explores the bizarre habits and thoughts of Dr. Finch and his family. His new and far to the left of strange life takes place in a filthy cockroach ridden Victorian home in New England, with a cast of characters too odd to be fictional. The book follows an ordinary boys journey into a world where rules are unheard of, patients live in the house and everyone pops Valium. There is no end to the absurdity, grotesqueness and hilarity of the antics of both the Finch family and Burroughs’s mother. Running with Scissors manages to illuminate the inner workings of the average American adolescence through the sheer impossibility of the author’s situation.

Movie Review: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Although possibly the longest movie of all time, Return of the King was an absolute masterpiece. Once again Peter Jackson amazes moviegoers and critics alike with his stunning battle scenes sweeping sets and careful attention to detail. Although I was disappointed at the departure from the novel in Jackson’s rendition of The Two Towers, all the pieces from the left over of book two were tied in nicely. Jackson’s greatest feat is the creation of some amazing monsters, character and villains. Gollum, as is evident from the previous movies, is amazing and he truly steals the show in the scenes he appears in. As well, Shelob is an incredible monster and the Witch King is by far the most bad- ass villain in the entire epic. Second on my list of the wonders of Peter Jackson and LOTR the movies: battle scenes! The fight at the Minas Tirith is incredible; I was literally squirming in my seat at every turn! But the most incredible thing I think Jackson has done with these movies is the ability to keep the audience alive. As a professed LOTR geek, I was amazed that despite my peeves with not following the books page by page, and the Hollywood concocted love story, Jackson managed to keep my attention, my praise and even a little bit of surprise. The only weakness in content was the touchy feely script between Frodo and Sam. However, for all its glories the extraneous ending of Tolkien was not meant for the screen. After an amazing three hours Jackson managed to suck every last bit of adrenaline the audience had. In a grueling twenty-minute ending, Jackson prolonged the completion of an amazing trilogy in a completely unnecessary manner. My vote is to end the movie with the bow scene, although it departs from the ending of the book (as does Jackson’s long ending) it is in keeping with the general spirit of the books/movies and would be in Hollywood’s best interest as the average American has the attention span of a three year old. Save it for the extended version! All in all, a wonderful movie. I applaud Peter Jackson and the entire cast for their efforts and amazing skill; I would sit through the movie a third time!

Well boys and girls, that’s all I have for today. Have a Happy Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah! I will see you all in week, a few pounds heavier and with more materialistic goods than a small country should have.

Punk Rock Rules

When I was first exposed to punk rock I was 15. I remember vividly being in a car filled with people I barely knew, people I both admired and feared. I was to say the least enthralled with this new community of people and the possibilities that they could expose me to a counter culture world. So there I was, in a 1994 Blazer, 15 years old and na�ve beyond belief. There was a rather tumultuous argument over what CD to play, which at the time I thought was rather odd. Finally an agreement was achieve and in popped the CD that would forever change my life. My virgin exposure to the world of punk rock was Punk in Drublic by NoFX. My first impression was a bit skeptical, after all, I wasn’t used to such fast paced music and I could barely make out the words. But after a few more songs I began to tap my foot and nod my head with the rest of the occupants of the car.

Fast forward to five years later and you have present day me, a present day me that has learned an awful lot about the punk rock scene in a relatively short time. I have come to a series of conclusions about the punk rock community, two of which are guiding principles in my life. Number one: punk rock does in fact rule. The music, lifestyle and mentality behind punk rock music provides an outlet for many people and enforces an alternative way of thinking. Punk rock, like many fringe movements, encourages people to think for themselves. Number two: punk rock is hypocritical. After five years of music listening, show attending and culture observing my experiences have led me to see the punk rock community in a strangely exposing light. For a movement that claims to be anti-establishment and concerned with breaking the rules society creates, punk rock sure has a lot of rules. Here is some of what I have encountered:

Punk Rock Rule 1: We must be different! I have found that much of the punk community looks down on people who aren’t “alternative enough” or aren’t “punk rock.” Although I have a pyramid belt and a few band t-shirts I would consider myself a relatively understated dresser. I buy what appeals to me, end of story. But every once in a while I get looks from the roosters (you know those guys with the giant purple mohawks) in spiked jackets. Looks that convey: “What the hell are you doing here?” Apparently I don’t dress quite punk enough for some people. I thought punk rock was about freedom of expression and individuality. If I wanted to wear a uniform I would just put on my old skirt from Catholic school.

Punk Rock Rule 2: Our music is better! People thoroughly immersed in the punk rock community seem to think that punk rock is the be all and end all of music. Why can’t I love the style of bands like NoFX and Anti-Flag and still listen to bands like The Strokes? I wasn’t under the impression that I could somehow lose my status as a punk rocker by liking other types of music. I know quite a few music elitists and I wholly disagree with that attitude. Whatever happened to freedom of thought? My preference in music can be eclectic and tasteful at the same time. If the sound makes me feel good, if the lyrics say something meaningful, if I can identify with the song I deem it good music. Good music is good music, regardless of genre.

Punk Rock Rule 3: You are a sell out! What does this term even mean? I don’t think I have gotten the same answer from two people. But apparently “selling out” is becoming well known or being played on the radio. If punk rock appeals to any part of the mainstream crowd it is deemed “sell out music.” Wait just a minute here! How can punk rock grow and attract different types of people if nobody outside the scene is ever exposed to it? That makes no sense. When bands like Less Than Jake change record labels and sound a bit different it is a crime (according to the “real” punk rockers). Now this band can’t even sell out three nights at Roseland Ballroom because their die hard fans have deserted them after a somewhat mellower album and a change from an indie label to Warner Brothers. I bet that if they made the same minute change on Epitaph (instead of a major label) no one would be quite so upset. Here is the true definition of a punk rock sell out: change.

Punk Rock Rule 4: Punk rock trends you must abide by! Bands like The Clash and the Sex Pistols are idolized as punk rock legends. But what happens if you should not like said bands? Well it simply means you have no taste and cannot appreciate true punk rock. Huh? I didn’t realize that there were historical requirements for appreciating punk rock music. I personally love the Sex Pistols and The Clash but I wouldn’t hold it against someone who didn’t. There are also modern bands that demand a certain respect in the punk community, Rancid and NoFX being two very well respected veterans of the punk rock movement. I love NoFX with a passion, but am not fond of Rancid (primarily due to the fact that their lead man, Tim Armstrong sounds like a drunken third grader with a speech impediment). I have encountered an unfathomable amount of hostility for this opinion (which I force on nobody). I know of no other music genre with such stringent taste requirements.

Punk Rock Rule 5: Think like us or you are wrong! All of these little pet peeves are based around a guiding principle. Punk rock is a way of life for many people. To these people there is no better way to be than to be punk rock. Exemplified by elitist tastes, strange dress, body modification (i.e. tattoos and piercings), and similar ways of thinking, punk rock seems more restricting than the very principles it is suppose to be against. Punk rock culture reinforces the ideas of being different and thinking different. Then why is it that people appearing different, thinking different or with different tastes than those of ‘true punks’ are ostracized and seen as somehow lesser-than? It seems to me that punk rock has become just another set of rules to abide by and another culture to belong to. After all that talk about being an individual and thinking outside the mainstream, punk rockers really belong don’t they? They belong to punk rock, they fit in and they follow.

I don’t regret that day I first heard NoFX. Despite all of my disappointment in the scene, punk rock is and will forever remain close to my heart. I still believe that under all the hypocrisy punk rock encourages individuality. I think punk rock can reach people in a way that not many music genres can. It is a powerful weapon against the herd mentality enforced by society. Punk rules because it can throw a party and bring awareness to social issues at the same time. Punk rock still rules because it makes me feel good and after all is said and done, isn’t that what music is really about?

And Now for Your Entertainment: Bring in the Politicians

I was sitting down just the other night, wondering why it is that BP doesn’t have a forum for visual art entertainment, but includes politics. Now, if it were me, I would suggest political debates take place in the main forum. But as I began to think I realized that politics as a form of entertainment is not so surprising. After all, we see it nearly everyday, mixed in with Paris’ scandalous video and Ben and J.Lo’s turbulent relationship.
Society as a whole has grown much too fond of mindless entertainment. The masses will preoccupy themselves with almost anything; from the latest fashion trends, the popularity of awards shows (and that doesn’t include the Nobel Prize), to the kidnapping of that poor little girl somewhere in the Heartland. The media is guilty only of selling the public what it wants, after years of training, American society demands a gruesome sniper attack, a war and a public display of adultery. The media latches on to success and tragedy with equal force. Animation, foreboding voices and background music accompany the scenes portrayed on the television. But where is the media when there is good being done, when there are UN summits, when ‘boring’ but socially relevant news is being made? Where do the media stand when the truth is revealed? Well behind the curtains waiting to jump on the bandwagon of success and condemnation.
Now, let’s place a serious politician in the midst of this media carnival. How does a politician acquire votes and mass acceptance? Why, by pandering to the majority; and sadly that majority is not interested in politics merely for its worth in society. So while the family sits down to watch the latest Reality TV show, the politicians are studying demographics on what is most appealing to the masses. Hence Kerry, motorcycle hipster, appearing on a very high rated late night talk show. It’s an attention grabber, and sadly, it works and even becomes a deciding factor in the voting process. Although some might find that low, Kerry’s image as a ruggedly handsome man succeeded in scrapping the bottom of the approval barrel. Women over thirty-five have stated that they would vote for Kerry based solely on his sexual appeal and men identify with his rough and tumble, average man shtick.
Another prime example: the California public chooses, not a man that has a political background, but the man whose face they know best, to be governor. This isn’t to say Arnie doesn’t have some great ideas, he may in fact prove to be a very good governor. The trouble is, he walked away from political debates, didn’t have enough of a platform to hold up even one of his biceps, and routinely quoted his movie catch phrases to for possible leverage. Most of the public found this absurd and distasteful, yet he was still elected to office. So maybe Arnie is on to something, after all he is just an extreme example of the trend in American politics. Another actor-cum-politician, Ronald Regan was a bit more understated than Arnie, but none the less, he acquired some of his votes from adoring fans and people who merely recognized his face.
Beyond the public cry for entertainment in politics, some politicians are entertaining the US without even realizing. Take our current president for example, how many times has the media fawned over his many ‘Bushisms’. Yes, he does happen to say some very strange and confusing things, and yes, it is quite amusing. But while we are so focused on our president’s speech impediments (for lack of a better term) he has waged two wars and essentially rewritten the Bill of Rights. Once again, I exaggerate; Bush deserves a bit more credit for pulling the wool over the public’s eyes. However, it remains a fact that the media covers amusing, entertaining stories while more important events are occurring. The politicians know this and use it to their advantage. Another more innocent example is Kennedy. Young, handsome and popular with all the right people, Kennedy owed many of his votes to adoring women and men who admired his winsome ways. Who needs a platform when you have an ass like that?
Another important factor in the stage show of politics is drama. Americans cannot live without a little drama, especially if that drama happens to be scandal. In an over-sexualized society, any sexual scandal is more than welcome. We wag our fingers at the perpetrators of these serious crimes while we settle into our seats with our buckets of popcorn. Clinton is the ultimate example of such a scandal. What better that adultery in the White House to entertain a drama-starved nation? I am positive that there had to be something a little more worthy of the American public’s time in those months when the media focused solely on Clinton’s adulterous ways.
While politics have become a circus of popularity (eerily reminiscent of those high school student counsel elections), we as a people continue to ignore the polls every November. It seems that no matter how hard the politicians tap, their dance can’t quite bring the masses to the voting booths. Here’s where my great plan comes in: as an ultimate act of desperation, politicians for the Democratic ticket claim spots in the ultimate Reality TV show. Name it what you will. Banished to an island, the candidates must fight tooth and nail to claim the spots on the Democratic primary ticket. After months of grueling tasks and dangerous debates rife with wild animals, old lovers and house remodeling; the four ‘Surviving’ candidates are released in time for the election. This ensures the public a choice as well as assuring the politicians that their antics will earn them the votes of nearly every capable soul over 18.
Degrading? Perhaps, but it will guarantee fans�I mean voters. Here in the great land of America, there is nothing the powerful men won’t do for their public. There is no such thing as stooping to low. And we as a nation let our eyes glaze over, staring at the Idiot Box, watching the latest version of the political three ring circus. Even those of us conscious Americans seeking a better society and education over entertainment look on with nausea; craning our necks as if peering at a horrific accident, unable to look away. I will leave you now with these thoughts and return to my TV, after all, I’m just as willing as anyone to step on the crushed body of a nation if it means I get a great view of the curled heap of metal that is our government.

The New Age of Alternative Rock

Kurt’s voice welcomes me from across the room, droning the lyrics to “Polly” in his raspy voice. The words remind me of an age past and the real sound of rock and roll that spoke to a generation. With the death of Cobain, among other unsavory choices from other grunge rock bands (eg. Pearl Jam), the death of grunge was merciless and swift. Ushered in was an age of image obsession, candy-coated over produced music and the practice of selling sex with innocence. Now even rock music is tainted with the prefabricated, commercialized sound of popular music. Musicians such as The Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears have contributed to a world in which alternative rock seems to have no place.

The in-your-face style and lyrics of bands such as Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins gathered a huge following. Disgruntled fans were forced to find music satisfaction underground after the sound of alternative rock died on the mainstream airwaves. The underground movement has been on the rise and from it a new sound has risen. The emergence of the new alternative rock has finally found its way back to the radio waves and the music media has pounced on the new sound of rock and roll like a starved dog on a 3 pound steak. For the first time since the death of grunge rock in the mid 1990’s there is inspiring, original and powerful music that doesn’t give in to the corporate regulations. Rather than an imitation of the sounds of alternative rock past, the new movement claims a sound and style all its own. However, at the soul of this movement lives the true spirit of the alternative lifestyle. The music doesn’t seek acceptance, or to be appropriate and it does not seek airtight perfection. Rather, it is raw, real music, the anti-hero of modern music. Many bands have sprung onto the scene, a few of which have recently grabbed a sliver of the spotlight.
The new sound of alternative rock incorporates grunge rock, punk rock and a bit of good old rock ‘n roll. Music from The White Stripes has a more classical feel, composed of impressive guitar lines as well as a deep reverberating march to their drum beats. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, bring an almost offensive vibe to their music, with wild lyrics and unexpected changes in pitch and rhythm. Thoughtful, simple yet graphic lyrics from Hot Hot Heat create a poetry that assaults the listener. The Strokes incorporate a traditional rock feel with a bit of technology in their sound. Altogether the new wave in alternative music inspires a feeling that has been missing in music as of late. All of the new alternative rock bands have in common an apathetic attitude. They are down to earth ‘rock stars,’ acknowledging the messiness of life, and not caring if anyone thinks it improper to expose the dark side of simplicity.

The White Stripes� who have created four albums to date� jumped into the spotlight with their critically acclaimed album, White Blood Cells. As the forerunners in the movement, The White Stripes compose music with steady drumbeats and amazing guitar riffs, stylistically reminiscent of both Hendrix and Cobain. The duo�Jack White on guitar and vocals and his ex-wife, Meg White, on drums� create a musical sound that is both retro and ultra-modern. The lyrics exemplify simplicity while maintaining a thought provoking mystery. In “Seven Nation Army” the first track and first single off the latest album (Elephant) a strong, slow drum beat accompanied by an eerie bass line leads the way into fitful bursts of music that liven up the eerie presence of the song. The strength of these chorus rifts mixed with a solid beat and incredible lyrics like: “Everyone knows about it, from the Queen of England to the Hounds of Hell” and “All the words are gonna bleed from me, and I will sing no more” create a graphic, assaulting song.

Humming in a washed out, electrified voice, Julian Casablancas creates a tranquil mood while maintaining an electricity through provoking lyrics. Lead man for The Strokes, Casablancas has a sound that is not readily replicated in the new genre. Almost blas�, The Strokes exemplify rock star; the five exude a Euro-hipness. Slow and steady, the band builds up their sound to an electrifying high blending all the elements of good alternative music together so that the music itself stands out, rather than particular elements. Some songs, like “New York City Cops”�pulled from release in the U.S. after 9/11�are filled with a raucous sound and message; while others, like Soma seem to croon while building up. The tension in the songs is as natural and intense as the stretch of a muscle, steadily pulling until the ligament of the music snaps in a final stretch to reveal a sound as red and raw as the pain of a retracted muscle.

“I’ve been poking a voodoo doll that you do not know I made of you, let’s see what needles do,” proclaims Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat. Hailing from Canada, Hot Hot Heat infuses lively rock music with talented drumming and keyboard as well as wordplay that is both dark and emotional. Not newcomers to the scene, after a slew of albums and EP’s, Hot Hot Heat has finally risen to get the respect they deserve with their latest musical endeavor, Make Up the Breakdown. Their first single, quoted above, is the electrically charged “Bandages.” A microcosm of the new wave alternative music, “Bandages” proclaims injury, revenge and heart-break with surprisingly up-beat enthusiasm. The bands way with words and their vivacious approach to music give them an uncommon sound.

Similarly, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s have created a truly unique sound with a similar feel. Essential to their sound is the rasp and somewhat violent croonings of Karen O. Like Meg White, Karen O. embodies the female presence in the world of rock and roll. She is the antithesis of the perky, over-sexualized pop idol, resembling the members of the femme grunge band, Hole. The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s unique sound� incorporating the furious style of 1980’s thrash punk, with themes reminiscent of traditional garage rock bands� is incomparable. “I’ve gotta man that makes me wanna kill…yeah, we’re all gonna burn in hell…” The shocking lyrics taste of violent brilliance as well as proclaim the title of their first full length album, Fever to Tell. Once again, thoughtful and talented wordplay leads the way to brilliant music. In their first single, “Date with the Night,” there is an assault of the senses. The graphic yet simplistic images with shifts in rhythm make for a rather invasive and compelling song. The brilliance of the in-your-face style is derived from strong, unexpected guitar lines and soul shaking drum beats as well as powerful and distinct vocals.

Whether it be a slow and determined drill of music into the skull, the thrashings of a gloriously composed set of lyrics, or raw and unabashed style; alternative rock is stomping down the zombies of a pop-culture generation to reclaim the life of rock and roll. I feel fortunate to have been a little part of the grunge rock generation. It saddens me to know that those only a few years younger have been denied music that speaks to the soul and confronts the normal with brilliant flashes of the absurd. The hope of a lost generation lays in the hands of a new movement in rock. It is my hope that alternative rock can rise from the depths of the damp garage to form a new army.

Suggested Listening:
Yeah Yeah Yeah’s: “Date with the Night”, “Man”, “Black Tongue”
White Stripes: “Jimmy the Exploder”, “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”, “Hotel Yorba”, “Seven Nation Army”, “There’s no Room for You Here”
Hot Hot Heat: “Bandages”, “Talk to me Dance with Me”, “Le Le Low”, “5 Times Out of 100”
The Strokes: “New York City Cops”, “Take it or Leave it”, “Soma”
Nirvana: “Polly”, “Rape Me”, “Pennyroyal Tea”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “Heart Shaped Box”
Smashing Pumpkins: “Today”, “Tonight”, “Cherub Rock”, “Zero”, “Quiet”
Pearl Jam: “Alive”, “Yellow Ledbetter”, “Go”, “Corduroy”, “Better Man”, “Black”, “Daughter”
Hole: “Violet”, “Doll Parts”, “Jennifer’s Body”
Some other bands worth listening to: Everclear, Sonic Youth, The Vines, The Hives, Better than Ezra, Weezer, Live

Five Easy Steps to Mosh Pit Survival

Step One:

Identify mosh pit and possible dangers. There are many genres of music that produce mosh pits, however; there are three basic styles of mosh pits, each with its own dynamic and therefore dangers.

Hard Core Mosh Pit:
Music: Loud, angry and screaming.
Consists of large skin heads with forearms the size of an average persons neck,
windmills�the act of spinning ones arms violently while running in circles to create maximum damage; and lots of raspy screaming voices, large men slamming into one another and thrashing.

Punk Mosh Pit:
Music: Fast drum beat accompanied by rebellious and/or politically charged
lyrics. Lots of crowd sing-a-longs.
Consists of many spiked and pierced individuals, plenty of arm and leg thrashing as well as synchronized jumping and finger pointing (especially middle fingers and ‘rock on’ [first and pinky fingers]).

Ska Mosh Pit:
Music: Reggae or punk beat with a horn section peppered with plenty of ‘yeahs’
‘heys’ and ‘ois’.
Consists of skanking�the act of lifting ones knees and kicking out ones legs
while thrashing arms and body to the beat; spinning, jumping and general
pushing also included.

Step Two:

Remember general mosh pit rules. These include: never let your hands get pinioned to your sides, keep your elbows out to fend off unwanted roughness, as well as to propel yourself forward through the crowd; secure a spot for your feet to prevent falling over, steer clear of anyone without a shirt on (sweaty skin heads are just no fun), and remember that shoving is always an option. Never at any rough point should you stick your tongue out, you are liable to bite it off, and never crouch or bend down, you might not come back up.

Step Three:

Courtesy might seem like a foreign concept in such an environment, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Moshers have a deep and unspoken respect for one another. So logically, if you are entering a mosh pit, remember your manners, that is: don’t be the asshole who gets rough in a ‘calm’ area, if people wanted to get pushed around they would move to a circle or ‘rough’ area; if someone falls clear a small area for them and help them up, getting trampled is no fun; if you decide you don’t like the band that is playing leave the pit, don’t shout obnoxious comments or attempt to beat up the fans, that’s just rude. First and foremost, always sing if you know the lyrics, get rough and have fun!

Step Four:

Be prepared for mosh pit phenomena. Phenomena can be defined as the events that occur uniquely within a mosh pit, or specific mosh pit style. Any and all phenomena can occur in any pit, so always be aware. The following are some common phenomena in their indigenous styles of mosh pits.

Ska Pit:
Flying Elbows! Those skanking around you will most probably be throwing their elbows back in your direction, make sure to steer clear and never stand behind a person more than five inches taller than you or you could leave the pit with a broken nose.
Spinners. If you’re standing on the edge of a circle beware of people who grab hands and spin. Eventually you’ll either get pummeled by a fly-by spinner or wind up as a catcher when the two finally let go.

Punk Pit:
Wall of Death. If you are participating in this event, remember to keep your arms up and keep up with the charging crowd and pray you don’t get trampled!
Circle Pit. A circle pit is one of the most adrenaline inducing mosh activities, while engaged in a mash of people running in a frantic circle while thrashing arms and legs and creating general havoc remember these simple rules: keep moving, when you need to exit move towards the edge and thrash your way out and remember to keep your arms up.

Hard Core Pit:
Crush! This is not an activity for the claustrophobic, if you are inclined to close contact paranoia and notice a crush coming on, leave! If you get caught in a crush of people above all else, stay on your feet. Try to flow in the direction of the crowd. Do not panic if you are lifted off the ground, step on peoples legs if you must until the crowd thins. Be aware of your surroundings, this is possibly one of the most dangerous moshes.
Crowd Surfers. If a crowd surfer is over head help with the support and shove forward with all your strength. If you intend to participate do not ask the six foot eight inch, 250 pound man who as just lifted twelve people to lift you; that’s just rude. Try not to flail, remember that you surf at your own risk and have a very good chance of falling.

Step Five

Be prepared, not stressed. A good mosher is aware, but not paranoid. As with any endeavor, practice makes perfect, so get out there and mosh as much as possible! Go to as many shows as you can, look for new experiences and try out a different scene every once in a while. Even the most dedicated punk rocker should go and experience the hard core scene, at least once or twice. Remember that moshing isn’t about disgruntled youth just being rebellious (although that’s part of it), it demands a respect for others and a dedication to music and the culture that music creates. So be open minded, look for new opportunities; have your pop culture friends come to a hard core show, and make your punk rocker buddies experience the thrill of a ska pit. Moshing was designed to bring people closer (not just physically), release pent up emotions and celebrate the inspiration that the music awakens in each person. Get out there and create some chaos!

Warning: Author is not in any way responsible for any injuries and/or emotional scarring due to the moshing activities listed. The aforementioned description and advice is the result of the author’s personal moshing experience and is subject to interpretation and change.