Review: Rise Against – "Revolutions Per Minute"

I first heard Rise Against on the Fat Music Volume 6 compilation, with their song Generation Lost. Then I heard their song Heaven Knows on the Atticus II compilation, and I knew I had to get the CD. I thought at the most I would get a good album. Boy was I wrong. Instead I […]

Review: Days Away/Snapcase/Finch Show

Knights of Columbus May 6, 2003 First off, let me say that I’m pretty impressed with the relationship these guys keep with their fans. The show was scheduled to start at 7:30, and the doors open at 6:30. So I figure, let’s get there early so we can get close to the front. Apparently everyone […]

NOFX – The War On Errorism

The War on Errorism, NOFX’s first studio album since 2000s Pump Up the Valuum.(45 of 46 Songs… was not a new album, rather B-sides and rarities) This album shows once again that NOFX is one of the greatest punk bands ever. In the three years since Pump Up the Valuum, Fat Mike and crew haven’t […]

Soundtrack to Life – The Pit

Ha! Just barely beat the deadline! Betcha thought I forgot all about this column today, didn’t ya?! What’s that? You hadn’t even noticed I post this every week on Thursday? You… hadn’t even…. thought about it today?……. Man, you guys are such kidders! Ya really had me going there! Anywho, as things have been today, […]

Interview: Too Short Notice

BP:First off, What is the name of your band and where are you from? TSN:Too Short Notice, we’re from north jersey. BP:What are your names and what do you play? TSN:Shannon — Vocals Matt — Bass Fred — Drums Pat — Trumpet Jef — Guitar Scott — Trombone BP:Who are your influences? TSN:All of us […]

File Sharing: Illegal?

File sharing…theft…free music…illegal…whatever you call it, programs that allow the transfer of MP3’s over the Internet are quite popular these days. They are also the cause of quite a bit of controversy as well. Should it be illegal? Who should be held responsible for the transfer of copyrighted media? The program designers or the program […]