Wasted Words 26

Recommended download: The Hurt Process – This Piece Hello everyone. You know, I was thinking the other day about my column here at Baloola Palooza. It’s getting kinda stale. I mean, there’s already countless news sites out there who post a lot of the same info I write about. So I was thinking of things […]

Enjoy the Silence 1

Alas, Baloolapalooza will finally get an insight into the mind of Matt Van Dam. Just for all those that know me from the PWF you will already have your head in your hands waiting for whatever grandiose and egotistical bullshit I can possibly come up with… Well you are wrong. My intention is purely nothing […]

Bombay Dreams

I have to admit, before I start this article, that I am a bit out of practice. Out of practice of being an audience member for a Broadway play that is. It has been some time since I have seen a play and a lot has changed since the time when I would frequent the […]

Wasted Words 25

Hello everyone. Welcome to my little corner of, well, whatever it is. You know what I don’t like? Arrogant, conceited people. Like, when someone drops some constructive criticism in your direction, take it for what it’s worth and make the needed changes. Be a man about it, rather than blowing up over the whole ordeal. […]


(By Guest Author ‘Karnage’) What up? This is Propagation. I would like to all to sit back, grab a beer.. uh.. beverage, a snack or two and just relax as you read through the following finger-to-keyboard action that made this column possible. What is Propagation? Well, according to the Webster dictionary– dictionaries are boring. Propagation […]

Untitled on Life

(By Guest Author Lara) Imagine, if you will, that you’re in my place for a minute. You’re sitting behind the store that your family owns and operates, which you hate. Your dad just got done yelling at you for something you didn’t even do. You have teachers breathing down your neck; you’re trying your damnedest […]

Wasted Words 24

Recommended download: Most Precious Blood – Your Picture Hung Itself Hello guys and gals, and everything in between. Welcome to this weeks edition of Wasted Words. I picked up several new CD’s recently. I grabbed N.E.R.D Fly Or Die, which you will find a review for in this very column. I went to a show […]

Open Mic w/ Bear Frazer – Britney … Who's listening now?

Say you have this blonde-headed 17 year-old schoolgirl, dancing in a white shirt and plaid skirt, singing a catchy pop song, whom could never do anything wrong. Little girls dream about being her and grown men dream about being with her. She is a role model. And then, suddenly, the more she sings, the more […]