Wasted Words 17

Recommended download: A Static LullabyLove to Hate, Hate to Me

Hello everyone. Welcome to your weekly dose of Wasted Words. The column’s a bit late, due to a pretty hectic week taking place within my life. I’m sure you when you all logged on to BP.com and saw my article wasn’t up on Wednesday night, you panicked, right? Right. I’m so glad it’s Thursday and getting closer to my weekend off of work. Saturday, I’ll be attending the Dead Leaf Festival. It’s an all day show which will feature many local Muncie bands as well as some not-so-local bands. The headlining band is Florida Death Metal band, Monstrosity. Death Metal isn’t usually my thing, but it’ll be interesting to see how these guys are. If nothing else, I’m sure the pit will be pretty brutal. Oblique will also be playing. This should be a great way to end a pretty eventful week. Anyway, enough about my BS, on with the news.

April 6 will be a great day to go out and by some CD’s. Why, you ask? Because Epitaph is releasing completely remixed and remastered Bad Religion albums. The albums to be reissued include, 1982s How Could Hell Be Any Worse, 1987s Suffer, 1989s No Control(this album will own you), 1990s Against the Grain, and 1992s Generator. The band will also be releasing a DVD on the same date, titled Along the Way

Good news for Vaux. The band recently inked a deal with Atlantic records. If you’ve not checked this band out, I highly recommend doing so. Set it to Blow would be a good song to start out with.

These days, it seems everyone’s doing an acoustic album. Godsmack, apparently, is no different. Look for their acoustic EP to be released on March 16.

Hip-Hop act, The Pharcyde, will be releasing their first album in four years. The album, titled Humboldt Beginnings, is set for release sometime in April. For those who don’t remember this group, they had a decent bit of commercial success with two of their singles. Passing Me By from 1992s Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde and Runnin’ from 1995’s Labcabincalifornia, both of which are excellent songs from excellent albums. Oh Shit, I’m the Type of Nigga, and On the D.L. are also some great songs by these guys.

Despite what most people would call a flop, with their first album Devil’s Night, D12 are set to release a second album. Title, D12 World, the album is set for release in April and will feature cameos by 50 Cent among others. I wouldn’t call their first album a flop, but I suppose by industry standards, it was. I, personally, thought it was a great album. Check it out.

Okay, what is it with all these artists going to jail? Mystikal is arrested for rape. Tony Yayo is back in jail only two weeks after being released. He was caught with a forged passport. C Murder was arrested and found guilty of murder. Turk, from the Hot Boys, was arrested with attempted murder after shooting two police officers. Michael Jackson…well, we all know what’s going on there. Can’t forget about R Kelly’s situation. Now, R&B singer Faith Evans was arrested for drug possession. Is this the new fad or something? Is it cool to go to jail now? Coming from someone who’s been there, no, it’s definitely not cool to go to jail. It sucks, really. Be good damnit!

Thanks for reading. Until next time, I’m out.

The New Plastic Sound

(Guest Writer Leo Mendoza)
Recommended Download: “Dreaming of You” by The Coral

Old pop consciousness died slowly in the hands of our generation’s careless intent to accept less. The new musical standard laid it to rest and brought on a myriad of unoriginality and hip nothingness. The nihilistic beat of the Velvets has ceased. Dylan’s harmonica falls on silent ears and his words are nothing to a generation who clams to know everything.

60’s Brit Blues from the Stones, Cream, Animals, and Spencer Davis have all been replaced by the children of Detroit who deconstruct it and call it garage when it is in truth just laziness. Ghosts of the Beatles and Brian Wilson stay seven steps ahead no mater how hard music tries. Soul Brother #1, James Brown, no longer shakes his hips but he can still shake ours if we would only listen. Marvin Gaye would still like to know just what’s going on, and it’s sad to think that we have truly left Otis Redding sitting on the dock of the bay.

The new plastic sound is not an unholy and untalented stab at yesteryear though; it just lacks the spark that lit revolutions in years past. Complacency with bands that in decades prior would be sent to the cut out bins and regulated to cult status that now make best of the year lists. The White Stripes, for instance, have the talent but no soul, its just blues by the numbers. Late 70s N.Y. has been re-imagined as the Strokes minus the spirit and anger. Bright Eyes takes the old Dylan patented formulas of no voice and long rambling songs but they substitute depression for imagination.

Few bands are actually attempting to make a significant try at a new musical regime that means something. England has produced the Cosmic Scouse Scene, which includes the Coral, Zutons, Bandits, Stands, Hommos, and Basement. While America has once again fallen behind our Brit counterparts and have few bands that merit serious attention. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Walkmen, Fiery Furnaces, Kings of Leon, My Morning Jacket and Drive by Truckers are all that remain from music’s once grand past.

As it looks now, the futures of music is shaky but as John Coltrane once said, “A bad idea is just a good idea waiting to happen.” So in that context the entire scheme of music today is just waiting to be turned into the next great cultural explosion instead of the ghoulish stealing of the past’s back catalogue.

Absurd Amusment

When I was about 11 years old I went to visit my Aunt in Ohio for a month of the summer vacation. I met a girl my own age and we became inseparable for that month. I forget now what her name was, but she introduced me to the absurdity of the theatre. We watched Newsies, one of those Disney feel-good flicks, nearly everyday. I found myself thinking of how cool I would be if I could break into spontaneous song and dance.

The absurdity of musical theatre I found so intriguing at that age came back to me the other day after reading a rather racy article about a three-way sexual encounter of a girl and her lover. It was the same glorious juxtaposition of the absurd with the everyday. Not only did the article make the entire pornographic ordeal sound appeal, it made it seem normal. Now all of us living in the real world know that it is not customary you invite the pizza delivery person into your house and offer him a nude tour of the bedroom, just as it is not normal that you find yourself following a carefully choreographed dance to a tune that seems to flow so spontaneously from your mouth in perfect pitch (not to mention accompanied by some distant and mysterious band).

Who made this up? I am perplexed that the human brain can tolerate such madness, how do we not go crazy at the ridiculousness of musical theatre and pornographic movies? Now don’t get me wrong, I love musicals and porno as much as the next gal, but why? Have I myself, in all my fervor to maintain my subculture identity, fell victim to the ploy of gratuitous sex and spontaneous music? I suppose I have, because absurd as it may seem I find both porn and musicals to be somewhat endearing, art forms worthy of both praise and persecution. Curiosity at the fantastical and idealistic musings of both genres is a pitfall of the human race.

Porn and the musical as I see them are microcosms for the human desire for idealistic situations and entertainment that both stimulates and relaxes. Because humans by nature are attracted to the beauty and simplicity of music, Broadway has seen huge success in both plays that show the triumph of man over adversity and the heart-wrenching drama of a life gone awry (made more digestible through musical theory and brilliant lyrics). Porn exceeds every man’s greatest fantasy by making sex accessible and a part of everyday life that the characters seem to have no problem fathoming. While musical theatre offers a deeper and more intelligent form of entertainment, porn is a very successful industry because it serves a function in society, both to entertain (as in laugh at the fake orgasms and absurd acting) and satisfy (self explanatory).

So you may be asking, why are you dissecting porno and musical theatre? Are these basic forms of entertainment really that telling and philosophical, I mean what is the big deal? The big deal is, no one seems to care. I find it a wondrous thing that humans can accept both mediocrity (porn) and absurdity (musical theatre) no questions asked. Obviously we find so redeeming value in these amusements. But are they not merely the fringe of what is acceptable in the mainstream. What these two genres make clear is that we will accept anything if it entertains us, it explains reality TV, Ben and J.Lo. and the over dramatic media. It isn’t just musicals and porn’s that have the ability to shroud reality in the absurd; it is all of modern entertainment. These once off-beat categories have led the way for all of entertainment to march into the land of the surreal. Like a car accident, we can’t help but look on. I too am lured in, although I may draw the line a bit sooner than others, it is only human nature that I crave the ridiculous.

A music snob's musings

Very recently I attended a local show in Boston, and low and behold I was surrounded by 14 and 15 year old girls in punk garb. The ripped gloves, the pyramid belts, the plaid skirts, the pins on the bag. As I was noticing the sea of shaggy black haircuts, I found myself getting more and more hostile at the environment I had paid 5 bucks to enter. I found myself hating these girls. I hated their stupid hair, I hated their stupid bags, I hated their stupid homemade t-shirts, I even hated their shoes.
I couldn’t understand how I had let myself get this bitter.
I remember a time, not so long ago, when I attended my first ska show. I was 14 and it was at a small club called the Phoenix out on the Island. For those of you in the know of the ska scene on Long Island back in..1997/1998 it was Just In Time and Artie’s Taxi. There I was riding in the back of Christina’s mother’s minivan and I was all set to go. I had my hair in braids, I had my sneakers colored in with black and white checks, and I was decked out in plaid. Being a scene kid in a school where being a scene kid wasn’t cool, I was so happy to see other people who looked just like me. Finally, I thought, a place where I belong. The music started and there I was, skanking my little rude girl heart out with a crowd of 50 other kids. God, I felt so alive. I felt the energy of the other people around me, the drums pounding through my body, the guitars rocking out so hard.
I was sent away to boarding school for high school, where I was even more of an outcast than I had been in middle school. My fashion sense got even more severe because I wanted to make it absolutely clear that I was different than the rest of the cookie cutter students who went to my school. Short plaid skirts, huge bell pants, tight ripped shirts, spike bracelets. Everyone thought I was a freak, and I felt alive because I knew exactly who I was and what I stood for. When I went to shows, I felt whole because I knew I wasn’t being judged. When I was at a show I wasn’t a freak, I wasn’t a presumed Satanist, I wasn’t an outcast. However, despite all that, I was stupid. I thought, in my teenage ignorance, that if I dressed that way, ultimately I was cooler, smarter, and more interesting than the “sheep” in the Abercrombie.
Fast forward to now, here I am, more into all the different music scenes than I ever was. Look around me, all my friends, looks wise and taste wise, are extremely different for me. As for myself, I don’t dress as extreme as I once did. What I look like does not reflect what I listen to, more who I am. I have enough confidence in myself to not hide behind a style. I have enough knowledge to know that what someone looks like does not determine whether or not we can be friends.
So I asked myself, why all the hostility?
Maybe it’s because I see so much of myself in these girls, struggling to be a part of something at a time when nothing fits in place. I see myself in the insecure little girls, gathered in groups of 3 or 4, looking in awe at the place they have found themselves. I know what they are thinking. I know how they feel. I pass by Hot Topic and I see these girls spending lots of money on clothes that will make them fit in better. I just want to shake them and tell them that it doesn’t matter what they wear, because clothing isn’t going to create who you are. But I guess these are things they need to learn as they get older.
Or maybe I’m just getting old

Fill Up With Phillip: Volume 5


That’s right folks. Tonight the Royal Rumble comes to you LIVE from the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. The Rumble is always my favorite pay per view, mainly because I love the actual Royal Rumble match.

Let’s go through the matches, and I will tell you who I think will win the matches.

Cruiserweight Championship
Jamie Noble vs. Rey Mysterio
This match should actually be very interesting. These are two cruiserweights, yet there wrestling styles are completely opposite. Mysterio is the high flyer, while Noble likes to use his strength to his advantage in matches. This match should be really good if they are given enough time to develop it. A storyline here is that Mysterio has been coming to the aid of Noble’s girlfriend Nidia, but Noble keeps attacking him. I’m feeling Nidia turning on Noble and helping Mysterio win.
WINNER: Rey Mysterio

Tag Team Championship
The Dudley Boyz vs. Ric Flair and Batista
These two teams have no chemistry in the ring together, at all. HOWEVER, a lot of people are down on Batista. I think, that when he tags with Ric Flair, he shows a lot of confidence in what he is doing in the ring. That’s why the WWE keeps Ric Flair in the ring. He is without a doubt THE BEST WRESTLER OF ALL TIME. The man is in his 60’s and puts on better matches than almost anyone else. The fans are always into it when Ric is out there. He is the best heel every in the history of wrestling… but enough with a Ric Flair appreciation post. This is a table’s match and the Dudleys haven’t been Champions for a while, so I think that trend will continue until Wrestlemania.
WINNER: The Dudley Boyz

Chavo Guerrero vs. Eddie Guerrero
This match will still the whole fucking show! You have the two best pound for pound wrestlers on Smackdown! (Maybe with the exception of Chris Benoit). I believe if they are given at least 20 minutes, this match will be the best match of the night. The edge here has to go to Eddie though. His star has been shining bright, and he is who the people want. This will boost Eddie up, and a good match will push Chavo up as well.
WINNER: Eddie Guerrero

WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar vs. Hardcore Holly
Why ….. In the hell…………. Does Hardcore Holly have a title shot. I hope Brock Lesnar ends this quickly, or it will be ugly.
WINNER: Brock Lesnar

World Championship
Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
All I gotta say is, the Raw roster better be happy that Shawn Michaels is apart of it. If not, Triple H would be Champion forever. I see what’s happening here. Shawn Michaels will beat Triple H. A few weeks from now on Raw, Triple H will beat Shawn Michaels. Then Triple H plans to have Goldberg win the Rumble so he can beat Goldberg at Wrestlemania. Stupid fuckin Triple H.
WINNER: Shawn Michaels

This is always the best match on the whole card. This match has some of the best best talent ever in a rumble. I think it’s really between a group of people:

Chris Jericho
Randy Orton
Kurt Angle
John Cena
Chris Benoit
Big Show

You can rule Kane out as the Undertaker should be coming back soon.
You can rule Jericho out as he has to continue that love with Trish.
You can count Big Show out because he sucks donkey nuts.

That leaves:

Randy Orton
Kurt Angle
John Cena
Chris Benoit

This rumble is anyone’s to win. I can see Goldberg winning it, and getting a return match against Triple H. I can see Randy Orton winning it and setting up the All-Evolution Wrestlemania. I can see Angle winning it setting up another classic Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar match. I can Cena winning it, because they are pushing him like mad. Plus I can see Benoit winning it, because they have been planning to push him for a while.

This is what I like! An unpredictable Royal Rumble. However, I must make a decision and here it is.

WINNER: John Cena

I feel the comments coming on this column. Thanks for reading.

THE GUT: The Butterfly Effect

Ok so it is a week before the super bowl and BP’s sports columnist is writing a movie review? To quote The Hurricane, “Whatsupwitdat?” Well that should tell you something about this movie. This movie was so good that it inspired me to do something that the super bowl, Pete Rose, or Jamior Jagr getting traded to the Rangers couldn’t do. It got me to write a column.

First off I know what you were thinking about Ashton Kutcher in a serious role. I know because I was thinking the same thoughts. Can he really pull this off or is this gonna be the Truman show all over again? Well the answer is a surprising yes he can pull it off. The combination of he and Amy Smart is a surprisingly good one. The way she pulls off having so many different personalities is astonishing and throughout the movie you get this feeling that Ashton’s character really loves Amy’s no matter what persona she takes on.

Now I have never written a movie review, and I don’t read them because in my opinion they are always wrong, so I’m not to sure how to get my point a crossed about how good this movie is without giving too much away but here goes. Ashton plays Evan Treborn, a young man with a unique ability to read his journal and go back to the point that he is reading. He falls in love with Kayleigh Miller (Amy Smart) at a young age but is forced to move away from her. Years later he goes back to his hometown to find her and he brings up some bad memories that she suppressed and sends her off the deep end. So in an attempt to fix things he goes back in to that point in their lives and tries to fix things. Somehow or another whenever he fixes something he makes something else worse. This movie really drives home the point that no matter how bad things are, they can always be worse. It is a point that I think I really needed to hear and we all could learn a little something from.

In closing I would like to say that I gave a friend of mine a money back guarantee. He didn’t think it was gonna be good so I told him to go see it and if he didn’t like it that I would refund his money. That’s how highly I thought of this very powerful movie and I recommend everyone out there who loves someone to take them to see this movie. It changed my outlook on things and it might change yours too.

Wasted Words 16

Recommended download: H2OGuilty By Association

So it’s 4:30 am and I’m dead tired. But, the show must go on! Right? Right. No new music this week. No new DVDs, though I did rent Freddy vs. Jason. Good movie to rent, but I doubt I’ll be buying it. Rented Manhunt for Playstation 2. Same deal…good enough to rent, but not to buy. Games like this just have to purpose after beating it for the first time. Sorry, that’s all the witty introduction you get this week. Enjoy the rest of the article.

Something to look forward to next month. The Ataris are releasing a live album, titled Live At The Metro. It was recorded last October at Chicago’s Metro. The album will consist of 19 tracks. The first 12 tracks are all live tracks which were recorded at the show, and the remainder of the album will be acoustic tracks. Here’s a track list for the album…

Live tracks:
Unopened Letter to the World
IOU One Galaxy
So Long, Astoria
Between You & Me
Your Boyfriend Sucks
Song #13
All You Can Ever Learn Is What You Already Know
The Saddest Song
The Boys of Summer
Astro Zombies

Acoustic tracks:
My Hotel Year
The Hero Dies in This One
Fast Times at Dropout High
A New England
(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding
San Dimas High School Football Rules

Chicago band, Numb, are in the studio recording their new EP Highschool Sweetheart. Currently, on the bands website, you can listen to clips of the five tracks that will be included on the EP. I recommend Elipses and Step.

Reality TV is really popular these days. It seems like there’s a new one popping up every week. Well, now there’s a new one. A British reality TV show, called I’m a Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here. The show will feature Sex Pistols frontman, Johnny Rotten. Apparently, the concept of the show is celebrities “roughing it” in the Australian Outback. Yay. I’m sure a lot of people will tune in. The guy won’t allow Rhino record company to include a copy of Nevermind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols in their compilation(No Thanks! The ’70s Punk Rebellion) but he’ll take part in a reality television series? What a fucking joke.

For those of you who are not yet aware, The Vandals were added to the 2004 Warped Tour lineup.

Absolute Punk.net have posted a statement released by Jason Gleason, frontman of Further Seems Forever. It appears that the band is calling it quits. You can read the letter here. Sucks, but life will go on. Unfortunately, this article won’t.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, I’m out.

For Whom the Bell Tolls: III

Hey, who knew this was a bi-weekly column?! Well, my apologies, I will try to keep on deadline from now on, I’m back in school so I will be a bit more acclimated to structure and the like. So here is my review column.

Music: Tiger Army, Tiger Army II: The Power of Moonlight This album is a clusterfuck of good old fashioned rock ‘n roll and hyper-energized punk rock. Better know as Psychobilly in it’s small but intense scene, this music is a God send. Anyone who appreciates the days of simple melodic rock and the intensity of punk will love this album. Some of the songs are pure Rockabilly (that is pre-Elvis rock), such as the country influenced ballad, “In the Orchard,” while others are as intense as punk rock gets, like “F.T.W”. (i.e. “Fuck the World”). Most of the other songs are a good mixture of the two, some a bit more twang, others a bit more thrash. My favorite, and an excellent representation of their sound, is “Cupid’s Victim”. Wonderful imagery in all the tracks, they stick to the monster/Sci-Fi theme of Psychobilly without sounding cheesy. I’ve seen these guys (they opened for Rancid at Roseland this fall), and they put on a great show. Go pick this album up now!!
Star Rating: 4.5

Literature: Everything is Illuminated, Jonathan Safran-Foer. If you can get through A Clockwork Orange, this is the book for you. A bit less complicated, the novel delves into the complexities of the English language, and more specifically, the complexities that arise for those who are unfamiliar with it. Safran-Foer is truly a mastermind of the English language. The story is split in threes: a journey of a Ukraine man and his backwards English and bizarre behavior, the search of a young American Jew for the woman who saved his family from the Nazi invasion and their post-adventure correspondence. It is both oddly comical and poignant. The story is woven brilliantly and is truly a work of art.
Star Rating: 5
Well my little chicks, it is about time I quit regaling you with my tales of anti-social behavior and let you get back to your quite little lives. I urge you all to pick up the above items as they are both superb… bonus points to all of you who actually go out and buy them (points to be redeemed for prize that will be announced at the later date). Good day to you!

Fill Up With Phillip: Volume 4

Today’s column will be different than the other ones. Today’s is a Fact or Fiction featuring myself, Popsicle, Da H Train24 (Hector), and Hansen. Let’s get to it.

The hiring of the Lenny Wilkins will solve the New York Knicks problems.

Popsicle: Fiction, It will help them be better, but there’s no way it will solve all of their problems. First of all, they have no inside game so they have to depend on the perimeter. Their problem is not short-term it is long-term. They have way too many big contracts with people that don’t do anything basically. Some of their Big Contracts that shouldn’t have them are Keith Van Horn and Anfernee Hardaway.

Da H Train24: Fiction– The Knicks need a tough Pat Reilly type not a soft and fuzzy bunny like Wilkins. He is a great x’s and o’s guy but is known for being soft on the players. There is a reason his last championship was in 1979 with Seattle. Times change and the Knicks needed Mike Fratello a no nonsense kinda guy, they should have followed the Giants and hired a tough guy.

Phillip: I do not believe this was the best hire for the Knicks so I am going with Fiction also. Wilkins was also hired under Thomas back in Toronto, and he didn’t win anything there. This Knicks team isn’t terrible by any means. I believe they WILL make the playoffs in the weak Eastern Conference. However, Wilkins is not the answer. It was good to get rid of the old GM. It was a good thing to hire Isaiah Thomas. It was a good thing to bring in Stephon Marbury. Allen Houston is the best player there, besides Marbury. This team has TOO MANY LONG TERM CONTRACTS! They got rid of the one player that could’ve made the difference in New York in Latrell Sprewell. Like him or not, Sprewell was the heart and the soul of that team. Until those contracts run out, the Knicks will not be great.

Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the NFL.

Hansen: Fiction. Although Favre threw that nasty duck last game to lose it, they actually lost it on that 4th and short attempt. Favre is still the best QB in the game, and he’ll be back next season. Until he retires, I’m pretty sure he’s safe.

Popsicle: Fact. He is a great passer. His stats this season were 67% Completion rating, 4267 Yards with 29 touchdowns and 10 INTs. And that’s just the season, in the playoffs he has been near perfect with a 156.9 passer rating, he is 44 of 56 for 681 yards w/ 8 touchdown passes. He is phenomenal, and it doesn’t hurt that he has one of the top receivers with him in Marvin Harrison. He is an extremely smart quarterback and can confuse defenses with his audibles at the line.

Da H Train24: Fiction– I love Peyton but the quarterback job has one job that is more important that all of the other things he must do. Just win baby. Tom Brady has won the Super Bowl and has a 38-12 record as a starter. That is the second best record in NFL history after Kurt Warner for winning percentage after 50 starts. Plus Brady doesn’t have Harrison and James, he has Antowain Smith and David Patten. Plus you have to look at Steve McNair and Donavan McNabb. I list 1. Brady 2. McNair 3. McNabb and 4. Manning. Stats don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that ring.

Phillip: There are many great quarterbacks in the NFL, and I do not think Donovan McNabb is one of them. Sorry to all of you Eagles fans out there. If you call what happened last week on that 4 and 26 pass good, then you are out of your mind. Fact, Peyton Manning is by far the greatest quarterback in the league. His stats this year are unbelievable. It’s like he was shot out of a rocket with these last two games. Awesome performances, and definitely gets the nod from me.

The New England Patriots will win the Superbowl.

Hansen: Fiction. Although he isn’t the best in the NFL, Manning is the best in the playoffs, and he’s been really hot lately. Like, come on, what has he thrown? 8 TD’s in 2 games?! Along with Marvin Harrison, he will take the Colts to the promise land. But even if the Colts somehow choke in the Division finals, it will be an AFC Superbowl victory.

Popsicle: I think that the winner of the Colts-Pats match-up will Win the Superbowl but the reasons that this question is hard is that the Pats-Colts Match-up is so hard to predict. Peyton Manning has been on fire this postseason but NE’s defense has been terrific. Colts defense is bad, Brady was throwing all over them in their match-up earlier this season but threw two costly interceptions that led to a Colts comeback from a 24-10 halftime lead. The colts are extremely weak up the middle and I think that Antowain Smith will be able to tire them easily. So I say Fact, the Pats will win the Superbowl.

Da H Train24: Fiction– Everyone I know is gonna hate to hear me say this but the Philadelphia Eagles look the team to beat. McNabb has had a fire under him since Rush Limbaugh made his infamous comments on NFL countdown. I have heard the arguments against McNabb… he doesn’t throw for alot of yards, he was 21st in TD passes, they lost Westbrook. I hope I’m wrong but I see the Eagles going all the way.

Phillip: If you know me, you know I hate the New England Patriots. Ever since that botched call in the AFC Championship game against the Raiders that got them to the Superbowl, I have HATED THEM. I still cheer for any team that goes against them. That’s why the Indianapolis Colts are winning the 2004 Superbowl. They have the best offense in the NFL, and showed earlier this year against the Patriots that they CAN beat them (Yes, I know New England won, but it took a goal line stand with 30 seconds left mixed with bad calling on the goal line by the Colts). I believe the Patriots “great” defense will not be able to stop Peyton and the Colts. This is Fiction

Lebron James is the best player in the Eastern Conference.

Popsicle: Fiction, He is the best Rookie but T-Mac, Baron Davis, Vince Carter, and Jason Kidd are better than him right now.

Da H Train24: Fiction– I know his team sucks but Tracy McGrady is a better player than James and believe it or not so is Baron Davis. There is a list of people that I feel are better players in the east. But I will say this, James is 19! His numbers for the season are almost identical to Kobe’s and he is vastly improving. So he might not be the best right now but that doesn’t mean he won’t be the best tomorrow.

Phillip: You could actually make a really good argument for Lebron being the best player in the Eastern Conference, as it lacks the talent THIS YEAR. Of course, McGrady normally would be the best player in the East, but when your team holds the worst record in the NBA (Magic are 9-29), it’s kind of hard to be the best. I will say Fiction though. Vince Carter is the best player in the East, and is again the leading vote-getter for the All-Star game.

The New Jersey Devils will repeat as Stanley Cup champions.

Hansen: Fiction. Oh how I hate the Devils. As much as I hate to say it, because I hate them with a deep passion, the Avalanche will take the Cup. Three words, Selanne, Kariya, Sakic. And they still have Foresberg and Tanguay on forward! My Wings will win next year though, with youngsters like Datsyuk and Zetterberg, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Da H Train24: Fiction– Look i have been on the band wagon all year. Colorado is not just the NHL’s answer to the Yankees. They are more than just a traveling all star team. this team has 57 points (4th most in the league) and they have been without Kariya and Foresburg for most of the season. AV’S all the way.

Phillip: I’m going with Fact. They aren’t that far out of first place, and have one of the best goalies in the NHL in Martin Brodeur. Even though they are on a mid-season slump, they still have the talent to take the Cup back to Jersey.

Brian Boucher has emerged as the best goalie in the NHL this season.

Hansen: Fact. For sure, the guys on the damn Coyotes, and look at his numbers this year! I think he’s like tied for second in shutouts, and they were all in a row. No question, he’s going to be a force.

Da H Train24: Fiction– ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! He has played 15 games. He is 6-3-5 in those games. He may have been the best story for a while but this guy wasn’t even listed as his teams #1 goalie at the beginning of the season! Brodeur has already won more games than this guy has played in, need I remind you that this is the kid who got lit up every night in Philly, nice streak but best goalie? All i can say is Brodeur has more shutouts than he has wins, next question.

Phillip: I think he’ll be very good eventually. Now, without a doubt Brodeur is the best goalie in the NHL with Hasek coming in second. He just needs to keep up the solid work, but this is Fiction.

Losing Andy Pettite, Roger Clemens, and David Wells will murder the Yankees starting rotation next year.

Popsicle: Fiction– It will not MURDER their rotation because they still have a good starting rotation. Their starting rotation for next year is looking to be Mike Mussina, Kevin Brown, Jose Contreras, Jon Lieber and Javier Vazquez. This looks like a very formidable rotation (With the exception of Kevin Brown because he gets injured way too easily)

Da H Train24: Faction– You cant lose those players and be better off but im going to do something here you wont ever see me do. I’m going to argue in their favor. Their rotation will look something like this. Mussina, Brown, Vazquez, Lieber, and Contreras. That is still a great rotation. where it is going to hurt the most is if one of them goes down with an injury. Kevin Brown is not only the best pitcher on their staff but he is one of the 10 best pitchers in the game. Why has he fallen off the map? He keeps gettin hurt. His record was only 14-9 last year, which is ok but not great. But if you dig a little closer it was because the Dodgers offense was down right offensive. His ERA was 2.39. If he can start the same 32 games this year as he did last year, him and Vazquez are better now than Clemens and Petitte.

Phillip: Fact. The Yankees will be lucky to make the playoffs this year. Petitte has been the Yankees crutch for the last however many years. Andy and Whitey Ford are the two greatest left-handed pitchers in the illustrious history of the Yankees. Clemens was the Yankees intimidator. He won many big games for the Yanks and it’s a tremendous loss. I think the Red Sox will WIN the division and the Yankees will be struggling to get a wildcard place in the playoffs with the powerful division in the American League West (Angels, Athletics, and Mariners).

Pete Rose should be allowed in the Hall of Fame despite controversy.

Popsicle: This is hard too… He deserves to be in because of his stats but that bullshit he pulled (admitting that he lied just because his Hall of Fame eligibilty was going to be up) might keep him out of it… I’m gonna go Fiction because I hate the guy.

Da H Train24: Fact– Pete Rose should be allowed in because being a a good person isnt a requirement. Mickey Mantle was a mean drunk, Ty Cobb may have been a murderer. How many chances has Daryl Strawberry or Steve Howe been given to come back to baseball and they are drug addicts. Pete Rose is what, a liar? He has more hits than anyone, ever. And he played the game with things you don’t see too much anymore. Heart and passion. I love Pete Rose the player… I can’t judge Pete Rose the man because I don’t know him.

Phillip: Pete Rose definitely should be in the Hall of Fame, and this is a Fact. No one has more hits than he does. The closest active player is Ricky Henderson. You gotta like Ricky Henderson, but he needs 1000+ hits to break Pete’s record. There are drunks, rapists, and murderers in the Hall of Fame. Pete lied about gambling so he could continue be around the thing he loved most — Baseball.

Thanks for reading this column. I hope you enjoyed reading, because we enjoyed doing it.

Wasted Words 15

Recommended Download: The UnseenSo This Is Freedom?

So here I am again, typing my last minute column. Seems to be the norm as of late. Nothing really exciting has happened in the past week. I haven’t watched any new movies or purchased any new albums. So what else is there? I guess I could toss out a few paragraphs on B2K splitting up or Britney getting married. But who would give a shit? I, for one, sure as hell don’t. So why is it that everywhere I turn, this is what I see and hear? Because we are a nation full of nosey fuckers, that’s why. Most people are so caught up and concerned with what’s going on in other peoples personal lives, that they can’t keep their own life in check. Hell, our own beloved president is even guilty of this. He’d much rather spend some-odd billion dollars on going to war and helping out another country, instead of putting some of that money into improving our educational systems, or helping the homeless. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m sick of all these nibshits. Just for once, I’d like to turn on the news or MTV and hear some real news, as opposed to who Fred Durst is stalking this week or Ben Affleck and J’Lo breaking up for the umpteenth time. Unless that means J’Lo will be banging on my door in the middle of the night, looking for a shoulder to cry on and a night of hot, sweaty, meaningless sex, then I don’t care. Get your own personal life people and let other people live theirs. Sorry for the rant, but this tabloid news bullshit just gets old. Onto more important things.

Britney Spears was spotted leaving the hotel with…..just kidding.

Want to do something to help out music? Sick of the same old bullshit clouding the airwaves? Well, then, one of the most important things you can do to help out music, is to support your local scene. Go to shows. Buy merchandise, whether it be a T-shirt, a demo, or even a sticker. Pitch in and help out. Why should you do this? Because local, unsigned bands are the future of music. Think about what would have happened if no one went to see AFI, Rancid, or even Metallica when they first started playing shows. We’d be without some great bands. Granted, I personally could do without Metallica right now, but you get my point. Not only that, but most local shows are better than a lot of bigger shows. They tend to take place in smaller venues, such as a bar or a night club. There’s a lot more interaction between the artists and the fans, which makes it a bit more intimate, for lack of a better word. It’s cool to get to talk to the band members after their set, shake their hands and congratulate them on a good show, or maybe even buy them a beer. You can also make a lot of new friends and acquaintances, as I have done. Here’s a list of several local bands from my area that I either follow or have seen play. Feel free to post some bands from your own area.

Oblique – Alt-Metal – I’ve followed this band for about a year now, and have seen them play quite a few times. Each time seeing them only gets better than the last. Not only that, but Chad(vocals) and Nick(bass) are pretty chill guys. I’m sure the rest of the band is too, but they’re the two I’ve spoken with. Recommended if you like Tool, Perfect Circle, or Therapy.

Numb – Chicago Emocore – So they’re not actually a local band from my area, rather from Chicago. I’ve followed their music for several months now, after seeing them play at the Black Summerfest in New Castle, Indiana. I recently saw them play for the second time, at a local bar called The Speakeasy. They put on a hell of a show, with Tony(vocals) taking a leap off of the balcony, through strands of Christmas lights and into the drunken crowd. His stunt got them banned from the bar, but damn it was great. Look for their new demo out soon.

The Retreads – Punk Rock – I’ve only seen these guys play once, but they were great. I’ve got two of their albums, Dumb Kids and Highway to Hellsinki. The first was more of a pop-punk record, while Highway…(my fav) is more of a faster, classic rock n roll influenced punk sound.

Losing September – Alternative/Emo – They don’t play many shows in my area, but I did see them play a few months ago. It was an outside show and everyone was freezing their ass’s off, but it was worth it. Good show, decent sound. They’ve just recently recorded a new disc as well.

Hellwinkle – Indiana’s Heavy Groove, loud, rude, melodic, power trio – In their own words from the bands web site. These guys have been at it since 1992 and have become a very important part of the local Muncie scene. I saw them play last winter at the Dead Leaf Festival and they put on a great show. I’ll be seeing them play again at the end of the month, when the Festival takes place again.

Mantis – Rock n Roll mother fucker – I’ve yet to see these guys play. Every time I’m planning on it, something fucks it up. I have heard a few songs by them, and I can’t wait to finally see their live show, which I will do at the end of the month at the Dead Leaf Festival.

HG – Metal/Hardcore – Unfortunately, this band broke up before I had the opportunity to see them play a live show. I downloaded their EP though, and it’s some good shit to bang your head to. Tommy(bass) can still be found screaming his heart out during his guest spot with Oblique on their track, Mason.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, I’m out.