Wasted Words 17

Recommended download: A Static Lullaby – Love to Hate, Hate to Me Hello everyone. Welcome to your weekly dose of Wasted Words. The column’s a bit late, due to a pretty hectic week taking place within my life. I’m sure you when you all logged on to BP.com and saw my article wasn’t up on […]

The New Plastic Sound

(Guest Writer Leo Mendoza) Recommended Download: “Dreaming of You” by The Coral Old pop consciousness died slowly in the hands of our generation’s careless intent to accept less. The new musical standard laid it to rest and brought on a myriad of unoriginality and hip nothingness. The nihilistic beat of the Velvets has ceased. Dylan’s […]

Absurd Amusment

When I was about 11 years old I went to visit my Aunt in Ohio for a month of the summer vacation. I met a girl my own age and we became inseparable for that month. I forget now what her name was, but she introduced me to the absurdity of the theatre. We watched […]

Wasted Words 16

Recommended download: H2O – Guilty By Association So it’s 4:30 am and I’m dead tired. But, the show must go on! Right? Right. No new music this week. No new DVDs, though I did rent Freddy vs. Jason. Good movie to rent, but I doubt I’ll be buying it. Rented Manhunt for Playstation 2. Same […]

Wasted Words 15

Recommended Download: The Unseen – So This Is Freedom? So here I am again, typing my last minute column. Seems to be the norm as of late. Nothing really exciting has happened in the past week. I haven’t watched any new movies or purchased any new albums. So what else is there? I guess I […]