Wasted Words 11

Recommended Download: The Used – Alone This Holiday ‘Tis the season for giving. It most certainly is. Most people give to the less fortunate, and that includes myself usually. However, being the rebel that I am, I’m gonna do something different this year. I’m gonna give Christmas gifts to people who can afford them. I’m […]

Evolution of a Music Snob (or..How I came to love Nirvana..and then everything else)

I would like to start off by thanking everyone for their warm birthday wishes! You guys really made me feel special and happy on this, my 20th birthday. Kisses and hugs for all of you! I also would like to apologize to everyone for my lack of substance (or presence) in my articles for the […]

The Gut: Armageddon

This is a special edition of the gut, with a very special co-author in Bear F’N Frazer. We will both be discussing the WWE pay-per view Armageddon. This is an entertainment site and I never see articles about my favorite type of entertainment, wrestling! How this will work is Bear and I will each have […]

Wasted Words 10

Hey everyone! It’s fucking late and I’m quickly writing this. I usually start writing a week in advance, but I didn’t get that big of a head start this week. I didn’t buy any new music this week. Unusual, I know. I did get ahold of a copy of 50 cent’s, Guess Who’s Back, which […]

28 Days Later

Even thought we cling to the idea that only Hollywood blockbusters are the dominating force in movies that are deemed “good”. From my experience, this simply isn’t true. Many films come out of the indies with new styles of direction, a different perspective on filmmaking and a dose of life into innovation. The Blair Witch […]

Buried Treasure – Review: Workhorse Movement – "Sons of the Pioneers"

Fast Facts Artist: The Workhorse Movement Title: “Sons of the Pioneers Release Date: ’99, I think, but I’m too lazy to look it up. Standout Tracks: “Livin’ Evil”, “Motown”, “Keep The Sabbath Dream Alive” How many of you have heard anything by the Workhorse Movement? That’s what I thought. This obscure metal band will be […]

Wasted Words 9

Recommended download: Time to get into the holiday spirit! Rancid – Xmas Eve (she got up and left me) Hey folks. It’s officially seven days since my last column. Guess what? It’s time for another one! Please, hold your applause until the end. Thank you. Bad news for those who were looking forward to the […]