Ravenous Movie Rants

Well. I’m back after a hiatus. I’m sure none of you missed me, but that goes without saying. I’ve decided, under the circumstances, to turn this column into a bi-weekly one. If I keep it weekly, I’ll be booted off the writing staff faster than you can say “COW MILK!” And as you can see, […]

Review: Limp Bizkit – "Results May Vary"

Almost three years has gone by and all music fans have heard from limpbizkit was talk: talk about their new guitarist (Mike Smith), talk about album titles, and talk about Fred Durst (limpbizkit Singer) about having crushes with certain females in the music industry. Nearly three years after they released The Chocolate Starfish and the […]

Wasted Words 6

Recommended download: Thursday – Jet Black New Year Hey everyone, it’s me again. I’ve come to brainwash you and rule the world with you as my slaves. Eh, not really. But I am gonna talk shit about some music, maybe some movies, and maybe just for the hell of it I’ll throw in some literature […]

Wasted Words 5

Recommended download: Simply a beautiful song. Leonard Cohen – If It Be Your Will Joke of the day: How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb? Punchline at end of article Hey everyone. It’s me again, back to the same routine. Hope you enjoyed last weeks column on Halloween, as […]

Buried Treasure – Review: "Astrocreep 2000" by White Zombie

Fast Facts CD Title: “Astrocreep 2000” Artist: White Zombie Released: 1996 Standout Tracks: “I, Zombie”, “Real Solution #9”, “More Human Than Human” Not too long ago, Rob Zombie’s lastest album, “Past, Present, and Future” hit record store shelves. Along with Zombie’s solo work, the new disc featured some old classics from White Zombie, where it […]