Wasted Words 8

Recommended download: Vendetta Red – Stay Home Hey everyone, it’s me again. A day away from Thanksgiving, and I’m getting a little excited. I really enjoy the holiday season, it makes me kinda sad too. Unfortunately, most of my family has drifted apart over the past few years since my Grandmother passed away. Seems the […]

Punk Rock Rules

When I was first exposed to punk rock I was 15. I remember vividly being in a car filled with people I barely knew, people I both admired and feared. I was to say the least enthralled with this new community of people and the possibilities that they could expose me to a counter culture […]

The Gut: I'm Back

I’m baaaaaack!!! After a few weeks off the gut is back with some bold predictions and some great games to take a look at for week 12 of the NFL schedule. I apologize to all of my readers, yes that means you mom, for my few weeks off but I had some things to straighten […]

Wasted Words 7

Recommended download: Bad Religion – No Control Ladies and gentlemen! Children of all ages! Please rise, and allow me to introduce….myself. Yep, it’s me again. Back at you again with the real shit. You know, that feel good shit. That real good shit, and some things that make you go hmmmm. Okay, so that was […]

Buried Treasure – Review: Cel Damage

Fast Facts Title: Cel Damage Platform: GameCube Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: Pseudo Interactive Release Date: 01/07/2002 Right off the top, let me mention that for the most part Cel Damage is either completely overlooked or crapped upon by reviewers. Well they’re clearly all anti-fun. Cel Damage should be played by every GameCube owner out there, […]