Review: 2003 Warped Tour(Indianapolis)

I just got back from my very first Warped Tour experience, and even though my face is cherry red and the top of my head is blistered, I had the best fucking time. It was such an awesome event. Awesome bands with so many different styles, from punk to hardcore to emo, the Warped Tour […]

Spotlight: Numb – Chicago Hardcore

Disturbed, the Bulls, the Shed Aquarium, Blackhawks….hell, even the old sitcom Married With Children comes to mind when someone mentions Chicago, Illinois. Perhaps something else should be added to the list of word associations with Chicago. The band Numb hails from the city, ripping and tearing through their local hardcore/metal scene and making a strong […]

Review: The Fad – Number 5

(By Guest Author Chris ‘Maddog’ Malone) Long Island is a rather conventional and unconventional place. Its conventional in the way that it is the epitome of suburbia. People go out and work all day, the kids go to school, and landscapers tend to peoples yards during the day. It is the status quo, and as […]