Interview: Milea

On February 6th 2003 Guest Reporter Cathy Lewis sat down with Chris, the lead singer of Milea, an up in coming hardcore/emocore band from the New York City area: BP: I don’t know how to start this. Chris: Umm… What exactly are you asking me about, my band right? BP: Okay, what is your favorite […]

Spotlight: Oblique – Indiana Metal Band

Nick Whetsel, Ryan Lee, Chad Leathers, Ross Locke, and Tanner McCracken. What do these 5 guys have in common? They’re each a member of what is probably the best metal band that Muncie, Indiana has to offer. They’ve described themselves as “being on the forefront of a third wave of Alternative Metal.” Their influences include […]

Tales From The Bishop

Sorry, that was stupid. What’s up, yo? This is Bishop, back and fashionably late as usual. I say usual, but this is my second column, and, you know, it’s hard to say ‘as usual’ when the last one was supposedly ontime because…. Bear: SHADDUP! *smack* Ow. Sorry about that. Anyway, I was thinking of a […]