The Gut: Today's professional athlete

Anyone who reads my article may remember a while back I wrote an article called “Hector Mercado”. The article focused on my personal sports accomplishments and there was to be a part two that showed how those memories led to A-Rod making 25.2 million dollars a year. Well you can consider this my part 2 although some recent frustration may have changed the tone of this article as opposed to where I thought I was going to go with it.
When I am watching a NY Giants game and I see Jeremy Shockey catch a pass and break 3 tackles before he gets into the end zone it certainly does remind me of, well me. As a matter of fact a lot of things pro athletes do on the field bring back memories of Dean’s field of dreams or club Attardi. However the key phrase in these first two paragraphs is “on the field”
Recently coach K, a god as far as duke basketball is concerned, was offered the head coaching job of the Los Angeles Lakers. After much thought, and one heart felt email from a Duke student, coach K decided to stay on at Duke and turn down almost 10 million dollars a year. It would have been a huge pay increase, not to mention all of the extra endorsements he would have received for being in a major market like LA. But he decided to stay where his heart is. I knew he would make the right decision but I was worried, I mean who turns down 10 million a year? But I realized he was a Blue Devil through and through and he could never leave us (us being duke fans).
Knowing that coach K made the right decision and stayed with his beloved Cameron crazies, one would only assume that Cleveland Cavilers forward Carlos Boozer would have made the same decision. Boozer had one year left on his contract making almost $700,000 but the team wanted to insure that Carlos and his family was happy and wanted to lock him up long term. So the two sides reached an agreement, the Cavs would not pick up the option for the last year and then they would sign him to a 6 year 41 million dollar contract (that’s almost 7 mill a year). So the Cavs live up to their end of the bargain and let him go. They then offered him the contract they mutually agreed upon and he turned them down and signed a larger contract somewhere in Utah. Yeah the same organization who made fun of Kobe and Karl Malone over the PA system, even reaching so low as to make reference to Kobe’s rape trial. In my opinion people like Larry Miller (owner of the Jazz) and Carlos Boozer have are a black eye on the sports community. What really is the difference between the 7 million a year the Cavs offered him and the 10 million the Jazz offered him? Would he or his family suffered by signing the lesser contract? Athletes say it’s not all about the money and then they do these things and we see their true color, Green!

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  1. it’s so true man, all the greed that goes on these days in sports is sickening, it almost makes me wish it returned to the days of mantel and maris where baseball players barely made enough to eat but they played really from the heart and for the love of the game. I mean obviously i wouldn’t want them to be poor like they were back then but it doesn’t need to be so overblown.

    This is just a case of greed and selfishness, it’s disgusting, there is no integrity anymore, it’s all about who’s the best and who can pay them (yes i know being a yankee’s fan i come off as a hypocrite) but it takes away some of the fun in the game. At least when i look at Derek Jeter even though he makes a ton i know it’s only because he can, and that he still plays for the love of it and the love of the fans, or even better there are people like John Franco who go out there and make next to nothing but has the love for the fans and the game mutually, he’s just playing because he wants to and the mets should honestly be rewarded for that because thats more than can be said for many players and organizations this day in age.

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