The Gut: Tiger Woods

Here at BP we are an entertainment based community. That being said I know this isn’t going to be a popular statement due to the large number of people we have that music is so very important to them. I have boycotted FM radio. I am sick of the same 3 songs being played over and over. So every morning on the way to school I listen to Mike (Greenberg) and Mike (Golic) on ESPN radio. Every morning for the past few weeks they have been talking about Tiger Woods and what’s wrong with him. And on the way home I listen to the Dan Patrick show and they one day fielded responses from club pros and scratch golfers on what’s wrong with Tiger. I almost feel like I am once again listening to FM radio without the bad sound of Britney Spears or the some times offensive lyrics of Slim Shady. The reason I say that is it is the same topic over and over again. So I guess as the official BP sports writer I should chime in.

Tiger is 28 years old and has won 8 majors. He has won close to 49 million dollars since 1999 and that doesn’t include his endorsements or any appearance fees he may get. At 28 years of age he has already won more money than any other golfer, ever. He was also named PGA golfer of the year in 1997, 1999-2003. So he has won all this money and all these majors and we want to know what’s wrong with Tiger. Well here’s the thing, all of the other people on the PGA tour are professionals too and I bet they got really sick of Tiger kicking their asses all the time. So maybe they train harder, maybe they watch more tape. Maybe Tiger has just made everyone around him want to be better.

All of these sports writers want to talk about how Tiger’s getting married or Tiger needs his old swing coach Butch Harmon back. Well if getting married makes people lose their drive can somebody please explain Michael Jordan to me? He won all six rings while married. And if Butch Harmon is so great why isn’t he winning 50 million bucks on tour instead of bashing Tiger through the media? What’s wrong with Tiger you ask? Well he’s 28 years old, has well over 100 million dollars and is about to get married to a smoking young woman. I don’t see anything wrong with Tiger; the question we should be asking is what’s wrong with us.

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  1. Brief, to the point and well stated, if this was for a class you’d get an A+

    Too bad it’s not.

    But seriously… i feel the same way about so much, this goes with any sport and even music. If there is anything wrong with Tiger it’s that he’s made so much money that he doesn’t care as much anymore, and i don’t think that’s it.

    People need to stop over analysing shit like this and instead of scrutinizng someone as sucessfull as tiger, maybe work in improving themselves.

    Great article.

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