The Gut: the Kobe Trial

Good Charlotte once said “if money is such a problem, I think we should rob them” They were talking about the “hardships” that come along with being a celebrity and how ridiculous it is for these people to complain about the fame and fortune that they were given by the public. And they are right; there are occasions where celebrities complain for no good reason. They complain about having to sign autographs or not getting enough personal space when they go out in public. In my personal opinion that comes with making 20 million for making a movie or getting paid 25 million to play third base for the New York Yankees. But where is the line drawn, where do they stop being “rich and famous” and start being people. I think the Kobe Bryant trial is a clear indication that sometimes the public can go to far.
On June 30th 2003, Kobe Bryant had sexual encounter with a 19 year old resort worker in Vail, Colorado. The young woman went to the authorities the next day and filed charges against the Lakers superstar and there was a whirlwind of controversy that followed. This turned into a trial by the public long before an actual trial was to take place. Kobe was vilified through the media and by some of the very fans that cheered him on. This young lady went to parties and bragged about it while Kobe struggled with the marital troubles it caused him and constant heckling by fans across the country. One such incident occurred in Utah, when the public address announcer made comments about Kobe’s teammate Karl Malone and said “Well at least he’s not Kob…”
The afore mentioned Good Charlotte song begins with the line “You see it on T.V. or in magazine, celebrities who want sympathy…” Kobe never asked for sympathy or forgiveness. All he asked for was to be able to go to work and do what he was paid to do.
This “trial” lasted 14 months and put Eagle County Colorado through so much stress, both financially and literally. At one point this young woman was quoted in the New York Post as saying she didn’t want money, just jail time for what he did.
On September 1st, 2004 she proved herself to be a liar once again stating that she couldn’t put up with the stress of a criminal trial but she would follow through on a civil suit. My thought process throughout this whole trial has never changed, I knew she was in it for the money and now she proved to the nation that she was never after justice, she just wanted to make a quick buck off of a one night stand she had with a celebrity. In the mean time she put Kobe, his fans, his family and her entire county through a rollercoaster ride just to get her 15 minutes of fame and make a quick buck.
The only person Kobe needs forgiveness from is his wife, if she chooses to forgive Kobe for cheating on her then that is their business, but this young woman owes an apology to the entire nation for the trip she took us on in her quest to get rich off of having sex. And to think, they say prostitution is illegal in this country.

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  1. Although in all honesty no one but Kobe and whats her name will ever know the whole truth, I cant say that Kobes team actually handled this case with class.. “Accidentally” mentioning her name to increase pressure on her etc was way below the belt.. But the bottom line to me, even if he is innocent, is that he is a cheating scumbag who is supposed to be a role model to the millions of kids who look up to him… I guess “loyalty” is a trait that should be ignored if someone has a strong vertical leap and ball handling skills.

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