The Gut: The Hefty Lefty

This year the New York Giants got a great college quarterback. He broke all sorts of records and has cannon for an arm. He was well respected by his teammates and will be missed at the University of Kentucky. Now I know right now you are laughing at the “sports writer” who doesn’t know that Eli Manning came from Ole Miss but I’m not talking about Eli. The day after the draft the Giants signed Kentucky stand out Jared Lorenzen.

The Lorenzen signing went un-detected by most but maybe one of the more important one in years to come. It is said that the quarterback is the most important position in the NFL and some argue that the backup QB is second. Lorenzen is not your typical signal caller; he stands 6’5” and weighs anywhere between 270 and 300 pounds. Now don’t let his weight fool you, he has a rocket arm that once bombed a ball 82 yards.

In his senior season he threw for 21 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions. Going into his senior season his decision making was a huge question mark for Jared but with only 8 picks in his senior year he once again proved people wrong. He did such a good job of it that the Giants snatched him up as soon as the draft was over.

Many high level college programs tried to recruit Jared to their colleges. The people at Ohio State, Michigan, and USC believed in his athletic ability, they didn’t however believe a 300 pound kid could play QB. All of these schools offered him scholarships but at different positions.

Those of you who really know me know that this is a huge deal for me. Jared has become somewhat of a personal hero of mine due to similarities in physical stature and the mindset of proving all doubters wrong. When the draft started I told myself that no matter where he went I would quietly cheer for whatever team he ended up on, even if it were (gasp) the Eagles. I told myself that I would go to and order a custom made Lorenzen jersey and wear it proudly. In an off-season that has made me question what direction my Giants are going I’m glad that I really will be able to wear the jersey proudly.

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  1. i remember you telling me about this guy, sounds really awesome, it’s good to know there are people out there really beating stereotypes effectively and accomplishing things. Rock on.

    Great article as usual… but when are we going to see hector mercado volume 2 dammit.

  2. once again, I know shit about football, but I have to say that you have been getting better as a writer since you started these. The article was great from a writing standpoint, very sophisticated and a giant leap from the first one you posted. keep it up!!

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