The Gut: NFL Draft Big Winners

Well I called it a long time ago. On November 21st 2003 I said this about the Giants vs. Bucs game: “There will be no winner to this game only the fans will win when it ends. Personally I hope the Giants lose so we have a better shot at Eli Manning. Bucs win 15-9”. I must say lately the giants have been listening to me when it comes to the draft, I yelled at them a few years ago to move up and take Jeremy Shockey and they did that as well. They did however give up a lot for the rights to Eli Manning. But lets get down to the big winners and losers of the draft.

Detroit Lions- Had Texas wide receiver Roy Williams come out last year he would have been the best player available. Instead he stayed in school another year and the lions drafted a superb position receiver in Charles Rodgers and this year they were able to draft Williams to give 3rd year quarterback Joey Harrington one of the best young tandems in the league. Couple that with them able to land another 1st round pick and get Virginia Tech’s Kevin Jones to help their awful running game and outside line backer Teddy Lehman from Oklahoma to bolster their defense. I think the combo of him and last years second round pick Boss Bailey will help lift the lions to their first winning record since Barry Sanders retired.

Washington Redskins- They only had four picks this year but safety Sean Taylor will be a Pro Bowler for the next 12-15 years. I think when all is said and done he will be looked at as the player who shouldn’t have slipped to the 5th pick. I invasion Taylor as being the next Ronnie Lott

Oakland Raiders- With the second pick they took the only player other than Eli Manning that I would have liked to see the Giants take in mammoth tackle Robert Gallery. This young man is 6′ 7 1/2″ and 325 pounds and is as mean as they come. Who ever the Raiders get to succeed Rich Gannon (the name Kerry Collins has been mentioned) will be protected for a long time to come. And with their second round pick they got center Jake Grove who also can be penciled in to an annual trip to Hawaii in a few years. This Raiders offensive line is going to be dominant for many years to come.

Well those are the 3 teams I really thought cemented their futures. I will leave this week off with a few bold predictions. First off Eli Manning will lead the Giants to 2 super bowls in his career. Secondly the Lions will make the playoffs. Thirdly the Buffalo Bills will look really stupid for trading up to take J.P. Losman in years to come. That’s all for this week. Remember next week same bat time, same bat channel.

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  1. look man there is nothing i can say to this at all, not being a sports fan…. that being said… i think we need more sports fans on the site who will read and enjoy these, you should work on that, lol.

    When you get internet back you should join some sort of sports community/message board and recruit people or something.

    just an idea, because your column is solid as always but i feel like sometimes you’re not getting the audience to appreciate it.

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