The Gut: Jesus is our savior? I think not!

As a die hard fan of the New York Mets I have been praying for years to god for my team to go out and make the moves to bring us back to respectability. Just when I had lost all hope and stopped “believing” I learned a valuable, yet controversial lesson. There is no proof that Jesus Christ was our savior, but Omar Minaya sure is.

When first introduced as GM I was skeptical at best. This is the guy who ran the lowly Expos and got no where. He traded Javier Vasquez to the Yankees when Boston was offering a better deal. Nothing else he did made any sense. Why were the Wilpon’s so willing to hand this guy the keys to the kingdom? Well for once they either knew more than I did or the old adage “even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while” came true.

The first move he made that I loved, even if no one else did, was hiring Willie Randolph as the new manager. Willie was a hell of a player and had been a coach with the Yankees for quite a while. Having played and coached in the big apple means that he knows the media firestorm he is getting himself into. Him working for the Yankees also means he has been around egos and more importantly winning. He won’t come into our clubhouse with a negative, losing attitude.

Now some have called me a profit for this, but sometime during the World Series I said that Pedro Martinez would be in New York, but not playing for the Yankees. Some laughed at me, some called me crazy, hell I’m sure some said worse but no one believed me. Well on December 16th (my little brother’s birthday and I got a present.) my vision came true and we introduced our new ace. Then came another bold prediction from me…

A new national holiday was put on the calendar of every Mets fan this year. January 11th will forever be known as Carlos Beltran day. While the big off season acquisition by the Yanks was busy beating up a camera man and “trying” to apologize for it, Carlos was busy flashing his charismatic smile and saying all of the right things. Talking about the “new Mets” and the new direction of this once proud franchise. Part of that new direction maybe adding another Carlos in former Blue Jays first baseman Carlos Delgado.

Was Jesus able to turn water into wine? Eh, maybe. But taking an underachieving Mets team and turning them into contenders, that’s a real miracle. Now if Omar could just help me out with some of the other things I prayed for I would get a “wwomd” tattoo.

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  1. I hate baseball, but the article was well done. Except why are there question marks all over the place instead of apostrophes?

  2. The Mets made a few good acquisitions, however they still will not win the division.

    Pedro needed to get out of the American League with his increasing age and decreasing velocity on his fastball. Facing a pitcher will make him even better on the mound.

    Beltran should have a good year as a Met, even though his career stats at Shea are not good at all.

    The success of the Mets really depends on whether or not the other starting pitchers for the Mets step up and perform. Kris Benson, Victor Zambrano, and Tom Glavine need to be GREAT for the Mets to win this year.

    I still think the Braves have the best rotation in the NL East. Mike Hampton, Tim Hudson, Horacio Ramirez, John Smoltz, and John Thompson are still better than what the mets will throw out.

    I believe that the Mets will be battling Florida for second place in the NL East. The Marlins starting rotation of Josh Beckett, A.J. Burnett, Al Leiter, Ismael Valdez, and Dontrelle Willis are good. They just signed La Duca to a three year deal today so we will see what he can do with them.

    The Marlins, Cubs, Reds, Astros, Dodgers, and Giants will all be battling the Mets for that Wild Card spot next season. We’ll see how good the Mets are when the time comes.

    …Not to rain on your parade or anything…

  3. It’s going to be an interesting year to be a NY sports fan. You know i’m not a big met’s hater, i don’t believe being a yankee fan means i have to be, but you know when it comes down i’m not a front runner either

    i dunno if omar is your savior but enjoy, don’t get to excited, or you’ll forever be let down waiting for a savior and only finding tons of false idols. lol

  4. Hec … I’m not too hefty on baseball aside from knowing some teams, but believe me when I say I am a proud Mets fan.

    I was happy to hear Beltran was landed and a little surprised Pedro Martinez was added to the pitching staff. Adding Delgado could very well be icing on the cake.

    What I am interested in knowing is this: what is the deal with John Franco? I haven’t really been a fan of his and as a matter of fact, he has turned me off. This past summer, when I did watch the Mets’ games, Franco came in … someone hit the homer and we lost. I hope if he still is on the squad, he improves.

    Also, I never knew the Mets have the high payroll as they do.

    I love the article Hec. You bring that special element to MediaRebellion and I do hope we get more sports articles up.

    Since I was talking about him, I was wondering your thoughts on Franco.

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